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Wątek: Tangerine Dream

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    Apr 2005
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    Tangerine Dream

    Tangerine Dream - Ohio Theater Columbus, OH

    Mp3 - 192kbps - Soundboard

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    Disc 1
    01. Mothers Of Rain
    02. After The Call
    03. Tyger (instrumental)
    04. Alchemy Of The Heart
    05. Papyrus
    06. Phaedra 88
    07. Livemiles 1.2
    08. Livemiles 1.3
    09. Logos 88
    Disc 2
    01. Parabola
    02. Table Bay
    03. Nomads Scale
    04. Cat Scan
    05. Atlas Eyes
    06. Marakesh
    07. Eden's Gate
    08. Ghazal (Love Song)
    09. Alexander Square
    10. Canyon Voices
    11. The Midnight Trail
    12. House Of The Rising Sun

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    Edgar Froese - Ages

    EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks)+CUE, LOG | 513 MB | MP3 VBR V0 | 137 MB | Artwork
    Berlin School | 75:22 | Label: Virgin | Catalog Number: CDOVD 480 | Depositfiles, Creafile, Filefactory

    “ The long awaited CD release of this EF solo album. Comparison with the vinyl release reveals that they've had to leave off the last track 'Golgatha and the Circle Closes' to fit it onto a single CD, no doubt leaving the door open for a double CD with all the tracks present once we've all bought this one (especially as the last track is many people's favourite). This is actually not an album I've frequented that much so it almost feels like I'm hearing large parts of it for the first time. Some tracks are heavy going, but there are some classic pieces on show too. 'Nights of Automatic Women' for example still kicks even now, the beautiful 'Ode to Granny A', and purists will be very pleased to see that 'Tropic of Capricorn' is presented in it's full 21:06 measure. Sound-wise it's perfectly satisfactory - clean and lively considering its 20 year age. Most will buy this simply because it's there, and I don't blame them. '77 was, after all, a very good year!
    ~ Graham Getty, SMD

    01.Metropolis 11:12
    02.Era of the Slaves 08:11
    03.Tropic of Capricorn 20:46
    04.Nights of Automatic Women 09:10
    05.Icarus 09:14
    06.Children's Deeper Study 04:30
    07.Ode to Granny A 04:47
    08.Pizarro and Atahuallpa 07:32
    mp3:  http://lix.in/-4ed329
    flac:  http://lix.in/-5059ca

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    Apr 2005
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    Edgar Froese - Dalinetopia

    EAC Rip | FLAC (Image)+CUE, LOG | 506 MB | MP3 VBR V0 | 148 MB
    Berlin School | 69:39 | Label: Eastgate | Catalog Number: 001 CD | Depositfiles, Creafile, Filefactory

    “ Edgar's first album of all new material for some 21 years should be a matter for some rejoicing. After all, as a founder member of Tangerine Dream he is partly responsible for some of the most innovative and groundbreaking EM there has ever been. Whatever your personal tastes in EM are, almost everything you hear owes at least some small debt to this great group.

    And yet…things are never that simple, Beyond The Storm, and the rather odd Ambient Highway collection were patchy to say the least. The latter, in particular would have benefited from severe pruning into one, excellent double CD. His constant tinkering with his musical past suggests that he is either never happy with the finished product, or that he has quite simply run out of fresh ideas.

    So it is a pleasure to be able to report that in parts this is actually rather good, not as good overall as say Epsilon or Stuntman that's for sure, but certainly a good deal better than much of TD's recent material. As most of will you already know Edgar met Salvador Dali, whilst still in The Ones in 1965, and it was that meeting which led Edgar to eventually start TD and the rest is, as they say, history. As Edgar himself puts it in the sleeve notes, this CD is composed in his honour and respect.

    There are ten tracks, each representing some aspect of Dali. Daleroshima opens the proceedings, and good it is too, until a rather unfortunate and very intrusive drum sound appears. Thankfully it fades away and the rest of the track sounds like something from Pinnacles. Next up is Dalozapata, those drums again and these dominate the piece with guitar and washes of sound in the background. Not very promising it has to be said.

    The third track is Dalamuerte. This opens with a lovely synth sound – very gentle and almost cosmic like. A guitar starts, and a real surprise it is too, a stunning solo, the likes of which I have never heard Edgar play before. Think David Gilmour and you wouldn't be far wrong. Next is Dalerotica – a great track. Over six minutes long, with a pulsating sequencer driven sound, and lots going on around it. The track winds down with some excellent cosmic effects. Would be great live and without a doubt the best piece so far.

    The fifth track is Daliesquador – another fantastic piece, a fast beat from the start, some synth sounds wash around it before another even faster sequencer kicks in which just gets faster and faster. Who'd have thought we would be hearing such stuff from Edgar again! The sixth track Daluminacion starts with another surprise - a piano, first as a solo and then some muted sounds fill in, almost orchestral. A sequencer starts, fades and then back again – very effective. I could have done without the heavy drums at the 2 minute 30 seconds mark. The sequencer keeps going, as does the piano. Unfortunately it doesn't last as the drumming sound becomes too prominent, the piano fades away and the rest of the piece is rather clichéd for my tastes.

    Dalagalor is another very interesting track with that great guitar sound again, and an unusual melody which drives it along. This is quite exceptional stuff, bursting with ideas and vim and if you listen hard there is also a wonderful sequencer sound weaving in and out. Next up is Daluna. This suffers by comparison from the preceding track but is excellent nonetheless.

    Dalysisyphus – starts with that too prominent drum sound again, and it doesn't do much for me. Also at over seven minutes it is far too long. Dalinetopia – an almost tribal rhythm starts this one off accompanied by choral sounds. It is effective and interesting, and as the pace picks up, it begins to sound nothing like EM at all! A strange finale, which wouldn't have sounded out of place on an album by The Pat Metheny Group!

    So there you have it, 10 tracks of varying quality, but at least five of which stand out as some of the very best material he has ever recorded. This burst of creativity obviously comes out of the fact that this particular subject is close to Edgar's heart. The question I suspect most of us will be asking is, can it continue?
    ~ Simon Stopher, SMD

    01.Daleroshima 06:48
    02.Dalozapata 05:20
    03.Dalamuerte 05:27
    04.Dalerotica 06:58
    05.Daliesquador 05:57
    06.Daluminacion 09:24
    07.Dalagalor 06:54
    08.Daluna 07:14
    09.Dalysisiphus 07:48
    10.Dalinetopia 07:49
    mp3:   http://lix.in/-4d45f8
    flac:  http://lix.in/-4ecc99

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    Edgar Froese - Introduction to the Ambient Highway

    EAC Rip | FLAC (Image)+CUE, LOG | 510 MB | MP3 VBR V0 | 151 MB
    Berlin School | 69:13 | Label: TDP International | Catalog Number: TDP 002CD | Creafile, Up-File, Filefactory

    “ The "Ambient Highway" series of discs essentially consists of yet another repackaging of the collection of Edgar Froese solo music re-mixes released on the 1995 2-CD set "Beyond the Storm". The original two CDs are here padded out to four volumes (each sold separately) with the addition of eleven previously unreleased tracks, together with the Froese solo compositions included in the Tangerine Dream "Tangents" and "i-Box" disc sets of 1994 and 2000 respectively. In addition, this fifth CD, "Introduction to the Ambient Highway" offers a compilation of tracks culled from across the other four volumes. And if you're totally confused by all that, you are almost certainly not alone.

    Most of the previously released tracks which appeared on "Beyond the Storm" were heavily remixed versions of the originals, featuring additional voices, percussion lines and in some cases completely new tunes greatly out of keeping with the original work. Many of those tracks which are included again in this edition have been further subjected to the Edgar Froese compulsive tinkering treatment, but this time in a much more effective and less damaging way. By and large most of the remixing consists principally of re-levelling (the levels are very high on this set of discs), adjustments to the EQ (there is a lot more bass punch, as well as a greater clarity to some of the lines in the new versions) with just the occasional additional harmonic or textural layer. Most of the time, the changes have brought the music more alive and removed much of the blandness which often plagues Edgar Froese's work. Going back to the disc sets after "Ambient Highway" makes most of the earlier releases sound thin and unfinished by comparison.

    "Introduction to the Ambient Highway" (subtitled "Roaring Cats And Driving Camels" for no good reason that I can discern) presents a reasonable snapshot across the four volumes of this series of discs. It contains a total of five of the eleven new tracks, the rest of its content being drawn from the "Beyond the Storm" remixes. The selection is heavily weighted in favour of Volumes 1 and 3 of the series (five tracks from each) with just a couple of tracks from Vol. 2 and only one from Vol. 4.

    Personally, I would see this release as something of a marketing trick and would caution against being tempting to buy it simply to see whether the series as a whole might appeal. You would be just as well off buying one of the others (I'd recommend vol 1, but only by a whisker) because if you buy this and like it and decide to buy more, you will unavoidably end up buying some of the same tracks again and you could end up with this as a disc entirely of repeats, should you go for the whole set after all. There is so little variation across the four volumes that the cross-section through them that this disc represents is almost entirely pointless. Even the Froese completists would have difficulty arguing otherwise.
    ~ Steve Benner, Amazon.com

    01.Sahara Child 05:42
    02.Stuntman 04:16
    03.Tierra Del Fuego 04:25
    04.Heatware City 05:39
    05.The Light Cone 04:36
    06.Genesta In The Afternoon Glow 03:44
    07.Gizeh Sunset 06:04
    08.Dome Of Yellow Turtles 05:12
    09.Car Dreaming 05:06
    10.Down To Barstow 05:30
    11.Magic Lantern 05:09
    12.Pinnacles 08:02
    13.Craving For A Rose 05:49
    mp3:    http://lix.in/-504f48
    flac:   http://lix.in/-51d5e9

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